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What is the Best Keyword Tool

Why do you need the best keyword tool?

best keyword tool
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Organic SEO marketing and pay per click ad campaigns all rely on you choosing the right keywords to target. Keywords being the words or phrases that people plug into search engines like Google when they are searching for something online. The first thing you need to consider when doing anything online is keywords and SEO. If no one is searching for the keywords you are using then you will get no traffic, if there is too much good competition for the keywords that you use then they will get the traffic. So knowing how to find keywords that have reasonable levels of traffic and that are not highly competitive is key to gaining traffic for your website.

The following sections will go through some of the best keyword tools that you can find online and will give you an outline of what they can do for you and your traffic.

The Google Adwords Keyword Tool

While the Google tool may not be the most accurate tool in the world it is still considered to be one of the best that you can use to get information about keywords and also ad campaigns through it. It is an efficient keywords generator tool that can provide you with a huge number of related keywords to your initial list.

The Google keyword tool is free to use; you need only sign up for an adwords account and you will be able to access the tool immediately. By putting in a few keywords that are relevant to your site the tool will provide you with a list of keywords that are relevant to your site. It will also provide you with estimates of the number of searches that each keyword attracts each month.

Competition on the tool however refers to the competition between advertisers actually bidding to place ads on the keywords. So high competition means that there are many advertisers looking to use those keywords in their ad campaigns and does not relate to the competition you will face in gaining a place in the search engine results.

Use Ubersuggest to generate keywords

Ubersuggest is another free tool that uses the power of Google. If you type a search query into Google you will notice that Google will suggest how to complete your search as you start to type. It uses previous searches to figure out what it is that you are searching for. So for instance if you start to type “keyword” the suggestion tool would give you several options:

  • keyword planner
  • keyword research
  • keyword generator
  • keyword spy
  • keyword density
  • keyword suggestion tool
  • keyword rank checker
  • keyword finder

If you finished typing keyword and then hit the letter “a” it would then suggest a list of words that started with “a” to accompany your initial word all based on previous searches that other people have made. What Ubersuggest does if to take your base word or short phrase and then provide you with all of the suggestions that Google suggest will provide for every letter of the alphabet and also the numbers 0-9. This generates a long list of related keywords for your site. However it does not provide you with any ideas about competition or what your competitors are doing.

Paid tools such as SEMrush

Another keyword search tool that you could use is SEMrush, however this is far more than just a tool to provide you with a list of related keywords for your site. SEMrush is a paid for service rather than a free service but it can provide you with a full competitive analysis of your site and keywords against your competitors. It allows you to identify potential keywords that you could easily rank for. This is one of the few tools that can provide you with the information that you need regarding competition and can save you a huge amount of time when preparing your SEO keyword strategy. This is one of the best keyword tool options that you could use for keyword analytics.