Top 20 Most Expensive Google Keywords

Top 20 Most Expensive Google Keywords

What are the most expensive Google keywords? If you’re an online marketer, a blogger or a website owner, among other people looking to generate more exposure for your business, the use of keywords should always be part of your content marketing techniques. Check out the following from the most searched keyword on Google.

Top 20 Most Expensive Google Keywords

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Most Expensive Keywords on Google

  1. Gas and Electricity, $54.62: business electricity suppliers, business gas electricity
  2. Attorney, $47.07: personal injury legal advice, auto accident attorney
  3. Insurance, $54.91: auto insurance for business
  4. Mortgage, $47.12: MTG loans, refinance my mortgage
  5. Claim, $45.51: whiplash injury compensation claim, personal injury litigation
  6. Lawyer, $42.51: dui defense lawyer
  7. Recovery, $42.03: addiction recovery program, data recovery UK
  8. Degree, $40.61: online degree information
  9. Loans, $44.28: business loan bad credit, VA loan
  10. Conference call, $42.05: best conference call service, conference caller
  11. Donate, $42.02: online degree information, bachelors online degree
  12. Credit, $36.06: credit repair company, mortgage credit report
  13. Classes, $35.04: object oriented programming class
  14. Treatment, $37.18: top drug treatment centers, alcoholism treatment facilities
  15. Software, $35.29: software for a computer, is software
  16. Trading, $33.19: buy trades, best stock trading broker
  17. Transfer, $29.86: transfer colleges
  18. Rehab, $33.59: addiction rehabs
  19. Hosting, $31.91: managed web hosting, managed hosting
  20. Cord blood, $27.80: top rated cord blood banks

Statistics about the Most Expensive Keywords

  • 1 percent is related to business services
  • 78 percent is related to legal
  • 8 percent is related to water damage
  • 4 percent is related to drugs and alcohol
  • 6 percent is related to insurance

There you have the information to know about the most expensive keywords on Google to know if you want to make the most out of your marketing online. Remember, keywords are important in ranking because these words are what users are typing into Google to locate your products, services and website. Therefore, you may want to work out on a plan that will help you optimize your pages and contents with important keywords. A lot of keyword not provided, but you can find the most expensive ones here.

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