how to search for keywords

How to Search for Keywords

Why do you need to know how to search for keywords?

how to search for keywords

Keywords basically can be thought of as the search phrases that people will type into the search engines such as Google when they are looking for information or something to buy. Choosing the right keywords for organic SEO marketing can make a huge difference as to how many visitors you will get for your site and also as to how well those visitors will convert into paying customers. But finding the right keywords for your site is not an easy task; this page will show you some simple ways as to how to search for keywords.

Use the adwords tool to find your keywords

Google adwords provides you with a keyword tool that will allow you to search for keywords around your subject area. Just sign up for an account through Google and you can use this tool freely to discover just what people are searching for. You just type in the keywords that you think people might be searching for in the area of your site and the keyword tool will provide you with estimated monthly search volumes and also how competitive those keywords are to the advertisers. High competition here means that there are many advertisers bidding to place ads for those keywords. Not only will the tool provide you with search volumes it will also provide you with lists of other related keywords that may be relevant to your site that you can then target to attract visitors.

Use Google Analytics search keywords

Not everyone is familiar with how to search for a keyword using analytics but the information that analytics will provide you with is very important for your site. Unlike the keyword tool analytics is going to show you how people are currently finding your site. The queries report within Google analytics will list out all of the keywords that Google has used to present your site to searchers online. It will show you the keywords, how many times Google has listed your site for that keyword in the search results, the click through rate for that keyword, and the average position in the search results. Often you will find many unexpected keywords that you can then focus on to improve traffic and you can work on those keywords with low click through rates to improve the number of visitors that you receive.

google analytics search keywordsKeyword not providedNot to worry! Use our smart tips to find the best keywords possible!

Use Google Suggest to find keywords

If you use the Google search box you will notice that as you type the search engine tries to predict what you are going to search for. These suggestions are based on what other people have searched for and if a phrase is appearing here then other people are searching for it even if it does not show up in the keyword planner. You will also notice at the bottom of the search age that Google will provide you with a handy area listing related searches which will provide you again with a list of keywords that others have used relevant to your initial search.

Use Bing’s Ads Intelligence

When learning how to search for keywords don’t overlook the information that you can get from Bing. Their tool can provide you with similar information to the Google keyword planner and may also provide you with information that may be missing from reports that you gain through Google.

Learn how to search for keywords using specialist tools

There are many different SEO tools out there that will help you understand how to find keywords in Google Analytics for your site. Some of these are free and some you will have to pay a small sum to use depending on the information that they can provide you with. Tools such as WordTracker can provide you with keywords that you will not find through the Google keyword tools.