keyword ideas

How to Get Keyword Ideas to Attract the Traffic on Your Website

Why do you need good keyword ideas?

keyword ideas

Keywords for search engines are the words that a searcher types into the search box when they want to search for products and information online. Knowing what words searchers use when they search for something online allows you to target those searches and hopefully gain traffic that is going to convert into a paying customer when they visit your site. This article will run through some of the ways that you can discover the different ways that people will search for information in your business niche.

Get keyword ideas from the Google Keyword Tool

The simplest and most well known tool for getting keyword ideas is the Google keyword tool that can be accessed through your adwords account for free. By selecting “search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category” you can begin your search for a host of different keyword ideas for your site. The information is based on what people actually type into Google when searching for information so it is reasonably reliable and it also provides you with information regarding search volume for each keyword and also has links to show you the keyword trends showing how the traffic varies over time which is important for seasonal searches. However there are omissions in the information and much of the information is estimated.

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Use Ubersuggest to gain keyword ideas for your business

Most people that use Google for searching will be aware of the suggest function that will provide you with suggested searches as you start to type your query. These suggestions are based on what other searchers are typing into the search box based on what you are typing. So for instance if you start to type in “Keyword” it will start to suggest:

  • Keyword tool
  • Keyword spy
  • Keyword discover
  • Keyword finder

However once you add an “a” after the “Keyword” it will suggest:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Keyword analysis tool
  • Keyword analyzer
  • Keyword advertising definition

Now you could use Google search yourself and work through all of the possible letter combinations to find what keywords people are using or you could try to automate the process. This is what Ubersuggest does; it takes your base keyword and will add the letters of the alphabet and also numbers to it to then list out everything that Google suggest provides.

Use your Keyword analytics

Knowing what Google is sending you traffic for can also provide you with a lot of keyword ideas that you can better target. However Google analytics now lumps together a huge amount of keyword data under “Keyword not provided” removing the intelligence that you are looking for. However if you link your webmaster tools to your Google analytics account you can then access information by choosing Acquisition>Search Engine Optimization>Queries; This will show you which keywords Google has actually listed your website for and how many times it has done so. Many times these are keywords that you have not specifically targeted so are ideal for you to now target to gain traffic. You also get information as to where your site appears within the search results and also the click through rate allowing you to target issues with your copy to improve your click through rate.

Use paid tools for getting keyword ideas

There are many other tools that you can access online for gaining keyword ideas such as SEMrush which will not only provide you with keywords but also provide you with a competitive analysis allowing you to see which of those keywords you may be able to rank for. Remember that to find best keywords you don’t just grab the highest search volumes; you also have to consider how competitive each word or phrase is and if you can actually gain a place on the search engine results page.

There are many ways to get keyword ideas for your keyword search engine optimization but always ensure that you use the ones that are going to actually add value to your customers.