how to find related keywords

How to Find Related Keywords

Why do you need to know how to find related keywords?

how to find related keywords
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Knowing how to choose keywords to target for your site is vital if you want to maximize the traffic that you get and the money that you can earn. Organic SEO marketing requires you to select the right keywords for your site so that you can gain visitors through searches on the different search engines. Choosing the right keywords can also have a major impact on any Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign that you may wish to run. People use keywords in search engines to find information and even products to buy, so if you have targeted the right keywords and outranked the competition you can often gain that traffic. But finding all of the words that search engine users will use can be very difficult. This is why you need to learn how to find related keywords for search engine optimization.

What are the most popular keywords and should you use them?

This site is about keywords and SEO, they are popular keywords that people use frequently in Google to find information, SEO has over 90,000 searches every month. However that does not mean that if we target the word that we will get those 90,000 searches. There are many other sites that are targeting the keyword and many of those sites have been established for a very long time and are well respected; so they are more likely to gain traffic if someone searches for SEO. To find best keywords for your site you will want to find other related keywords that the other sites are not targeting as much. By finding other less competitive keywords or keyword phrases (Long tail keywords) you have a chance of ranking in the search results. So often you will be searching for these alternative keywords and looking to rank for as many of them as you can. Often this will be far more effective than aiming for one of the main high trafficked keywords.

analytics keyword not providedWhy is keyword not provided in Google Analytics? Read this to get the answer!

How to find keywords using the Google keyword tool?

If you sign up for a free Adwords account through Google then you can gain access to the Google keyword tool. This allows you to search for related keywords in your sites niche and will even group those keywords into logical groups for you. This tool is free to use and will give you information about search volumes and even if advertisers are bidding on those keywords. However the information that is provides is only an estimate and there are many omissions in the information that is provided.

  • Use Ubersuggest or Google Suggest

Google Suggest is something that Google introduced a few years back and you will have seen it in action when you type a query into their search engine. As you start to type it will try to suggest what you are looking for based on what others have been searching for. So you can use this information to find out searches that others are currently making. Ubersuggest is a free tool that takes this one stage further and will take any keyword that you want to search for and then add the numbers 0-9 and the letters of the alphabet a-z and provide you with all of the terms that Google suggest would output if you did that saving you a huge amount of manual labor.

  • Look at related searches in the Google search results

Learning how to find related keywords is relatively simple when Google itself provides you with a helping hand. By making a search and scrolling to the bottom of the keyword search results you will see a list of related searches that you can then click on. If you click on a related search you will then be presented with a new list of related searches that you can investigate.

  • 3rd party keyword tools

There are tools like SEMrush that can provide you with a premium service that will not only provide you with related keywords but also tell you how your competitors rank for them and how easy it would be for you to rank. Also free tools such as the WordStream keyword tool which can provide you with related keywords in a similar way to the Google keyword tool.

So if you are learning how to find related keywords we hope that these suggestions have been help with your keyword search engine optimization!