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How to Choose Successful Keyword Strategy for Your Business

Why do you need a keyword strategy for your business?

keyword strategy
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Keywords are the words that people use to search for information through the search engines. These are what they type into the search box and the search engine such as Google will then search for all of the relevant pages to deliver what they believe is the most relevant page to you. Making your page top of the list for those keywords is the aim of many businesses so that they can get the traffic to their websites and then convert them into customers. This is organic SEO marketing and relies on organic traffic through the search engines.

Managing to choose the right keywords for your business however is not something that is so simple which is why you need a strategy for your business keywords so that you can build your brand and your sales.

Where to start with your keyword strategy?

The first place to start is to decide what the real purpose of your marketing is. Is it to make sales or is it to build your brand awareness? Each has a very different approach to keyword selection and marketing. If you want sales then you will want to be selecting very specific keywords that have buyer intent so that you can convert visitors into buyers. While brand building may target the much broader higher level keywords which may not necessarily get you the sales. For example:

  • LCD TV – Very broad term, the intent of the searcher is not necessarily to buy but to research the product range to try to find what is available. This is keyword that could be targeted to build a brand but is unlikely to have a high conversion rate for sales.
  • 32” Samsung LCD TV model 1234; This is a highly specific search and the likelihood is that the searcher has done their research and is now looking to actually make a purchase.

Many companies of course will want to use a mix of brand building and sales keywords but you should decide up front how much effort needs to be put into each as part of your keyword strategy.

keyword marketingLearn how your strategy can be applied to organic search marketing!

Keyword volumes and competition

Many businesses go straight in and check all of the keyword variations with the Adwords keyword tool and start to target all of the high volume keywords that they can find to try to maximize traffic to their site. However this is often the wrong approach by a long way for a couple of reasons:

  • Competition: for high volume keywords there is usually a high level of competition between sites so it can be very difficult to actually gain a foothold in the search results and start to get traffic.
  • Intent: as shown above targeting the high volume keywords normally means that they are broader terms that do not necessarily convert well when they come to your site.

So if you want to form a good keyword strategy for your business you need to very carefully think about what each person is looking to do when they use a specific long tail keyword phrase so that you can choose the right ones to drive conversions if driving sales is the intent. You should also look at the keyword trends; some keywords are very active at specific types of the year such as just before major holidays with little or no traffic at other times of the year.

You need to ensure that you create a meaningful keyword strategy that is going to help you select the right keywords for the right purpose for your website.