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How Keywords Will Impact on Organic Search Marketing

What is organic search marketing?

organic search marketing
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When someone wants some information or is looking for a product to buy more often than not their first step today is to jump on their computer. They will “Google” what they are looking for or use another search engine such as Bing to get what they need. Billions of searches are made every single day and being able to have those relevant searches redirected to your business page or website can make you a significant sum. But organic SEO marketing is not so easy and many do not understand the principles behind it. So how can you improve your organic search marketing?

Find best keywords for your audience

People use keywords in search engines to find what they are looking for, but knowing which they are going to use is something that you will need to discover if you are going to harvest their searches. Finding the most popular keywords for search engines and marketing is not that difficult with the many different tools that you can use:

  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Bing keyword research tool
  • Ubersuggest
  • SEMrush

Each of these tools can provide you with a significant list of keywords related to your niche that you can then investigate and use. They will also provide you with an idea as to how many searches are being made each month for those keywords.

While it may be tempting to just jump in and try to target the high volume keywords this can be a big mistake. Most of these high volume keywords are highly competitive and many other sites will be trying to target them so it is going to be very difficult to gain traffic through them.

It is often far better to concentrate on what are known as “Long tail keywords” these are keyword phrases that are less frequently used by searchers but often far more specific and easier to convert into action. Although the volumes are lower you can often find it far easier to rank higher in the search engines to gain traffic through those searches.

Premium paid tools such as SEMrush will also provide you with an analysis to show you which of the keywords it thinks you can rank for allowing you to see exactly what you need to target with your SEO.

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Improve your keyword search engine optimization

Keyword marketing and keyword SEO are more than just identifying which keywords people will use when searching and what volumes of searches are being made. You have to ensure that your on page SEO is done perfectly while not being overdone. Google will often penalize pages if they think that you have done too good a job with your SEO. Typically your on page SEO should cover:

  • Your headline: title and header tag
  • Your description tag
  • Alt tags for images
  • Your page URL
  • Keyword density
  • Page speed and mobile friendliness

Google say that they use over 200 individual indicators to measure the relevance of a page before deciding where it belongs in the search engine results. However they are paying more and more attention to the actual quality of a page and how a person reacts to the page. So it is vital now to produce copy that the reader is actually going to read and act on. Most of the on page SEO that once influenced ranking will now only help the search engines to decide what your page is about and what it should be ranked for. Such element as quality of texts represented on your site is very important, that’s why it is useful to know some copywriting online services that make them perfect.

Use keyword analytics to monitor your performance

Choosing and using the best keywords is fine but you also need to use keyword analytics to see exactly how you are performing. Tools such as Google analytics will allow you to see what keywords Google are promoting your pages for in the search and how often people will actually click those links when they see them in the search results.

So for your organic search marketing it is vital that not only do you target the right keywords but that you also monitor how well you do with them.