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How Google Related Searches Can Improve Your Content

Intensive keyword research is vital for most businesses as it provides keywords and terms that would help boost website traffic through using it in their content. However, some businesses, especially those startup and some who have no ample time to do keyword research, may get behind the competition. If you are one of those businesses who find keyword research daunting, Google related searches tool might be the aid.

What Is Google Related Searches?

You think that you don’t know how to search for keywords, but you exactly know this method. If you use Google a lot, you have probably encountered it a million times. Google related searches tool or auto suggest tool helps you find related keywords based from the terms you have typed in. Type a term on the search box and you’ll find helpful keyword suggestions.

How to Use Google Related Searches?

google related searches

Type a term. For instance, I will write waterproof speakers, I will get suggestions from Google like waterproof speaker Bluetooth, waterproof speaker olx, waterproof speaker for iphone and more. You can start creating content from those suggested keywords.

Simply act as the customer who wants to search for a certain item. What probably are the keywords he will use? You can jumpstart from there. The terms that appear below the original keyword are called “Google Auto Suggest”.

What Are Other Ways to Use Google Related Searches

Type your keyword. After you hit enter, scroll down of the Google search results and check the “Related Searches” at the bottom of the page. If I type in website optimization, I could get a lot of related searches. Copy these keywords and start drafting contents for each. If you want to get more related keywords, you can use paid tools like Ubersuggest and SEO. However, if you don’t have the budget to purchase a subscription, the Google Related Search is a great platform to start.

google related searches tool

You are now probably swimming in the keywords you have curate from Google. Start organizing your topics and use each keyword wisely in writing your website content. Ana keep in mind that you can use some other tools additionally, for example Bing keyword research tool.

How to Create a Headline through the Related Google Search?

Aside from identifying the most used keywords and using it in your content, you can also create clickable headlines and title with your searches. For instance you are writing content about Leonard DiCaprio winning the Oscar. Through the suggested and related searches, you can get ideas on how to write better and clickable headline.

related google search

You are hitting two birds with one stone. First is that you get headline ideas for your content. Second is the possibility for you to rank higher in Google and receive more traffic as you have included common keywords used by web surfers in searching specific topic or news. You don’t need to pay extra for keyword research. Google would provide you with tons of it only if you know how to identify and use the Google related searches tool. Write your content better and improve you website ranking than it have ever been.

Start creating your content using the keywords provided by Google Related Searches. Start your search now!