Keyword Not Provided

What are keywords and why are they important to your site?

keyword not providedIf you have a website then you are no doubt aware that organic traffic comes to your website through the search queries that people enter into the different search engines such as Google. These are the Keywords and keyword phrases that people use to find information and data and the search engines will look for these keywords within your content to find a match. So if someone types in “Keyword not provided” into Google search it will try to find the most relevant matched page to that string of words. Typically the pages that Google will return in the results will have those words within the page title and elsewhere within the text of the page.

So knowing what keywords people will use when searching so that you can use them within your site is vital if you want to attract traffic. This website will provide you with a host of hints and advice as to how you can find these keywords and use them to best effect.

Revealing the Truth About the Keyword “Not Provided"

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What is the analytics “keyword not provided” message?

keyword finderOne of the best ways to find out what keywords searchers are using to find your content is to look at your site analytics. The problem is that Google is now lumping many of the keywords under a blanket response of “keyword not provided” so that you are not sure as to what keywords have been used to find your site. Our website will give you some hints and ideas as to how you can get around that analytics keyword not provided message to find the keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) that you need. By knowing what keywords people are being sent to your site for you can make more use of them to improve your rankings and boost visitor numbers.

How to get keywords for SEO

keywords for search engine optimizationThere are several ways that you can find what keywords people are going to use to find your site such as the Google Adwords keyword tool. This keyword finder is actually a tool to help people that use adwords to advertize their products and services through Google ads but you can also sign up for a free account and use the keyword tool for free to find what keywords people use when searching around specific subjects.

How will we help you overcome “keyword not provided”

analytics keyword not providedThe aim of our website is to provide you with different ways of finding the best and most trafficked keywords for use within your website to improve your traffic. We will show you some of the best ways to create keywords plans for your site and how to best incorporate those keywords within your pages and other parts of your site such as your meta title and your alt text for your images. Through our advice you will be able to get all of the information you need to boost your traffic without worrying about the Google keywords not provided message.